What Is Weight Watchers?


Founded in the 1960s: Weight Watchers, now known as WW, was founded in 1963 by Jean Nidetch, offering a new approach to weight management. 

Points System: WW utilizes a points-based system, assigning values to foods based on their nutritional content, allowing flexibility in meal planning. 

Supportive Community: Weight Watchers emphasizes the importance of group support, fostering motivation and accountability among its members. 

SmartPoints: The program has evolved over the years, and SmartPoints is a modern adaptation, considering calories, sugar, protein, and saturated fat in the points system. 

Customized Plans: WW provides personalized plans, taking into account individual goals, activity levels, and food preferences. 

Virtual Workshops: In the digital age, WW offers virtual workshops and an app for members to access resources and stay on track. 

Wellness Wins: WW rewards members for achieving milestones and making healthier choices with their Wellness Wins program.