How To Prevent Mascara Smudges (And Get REALLY Long Lashes Too!)


Choose the Right Mascara Formula: Opt for a waterproof mascara that's smudge-resistant and long-lasting. 

Lash Primer is Your Best Friend: Apply a lash primer before mascara to create a smudge-proof base. 

Curl Those Lashes: Use an eyelash curler to give your lashes a lift, preventing them from touching your skin. 

Dab Away Excess Mascara: After applying mascara, gently dab a tissue to remove excess product. 

Opt for Quality Mascara Brushes: High-quality mascara brushes separate lashes, reducing smudging. 

Go for a Layering Technique: Apply mascara in thin, even layers to avoid clumps and smudges. 

Beware of the Lower Lashes: Be careful when applying mascara to lower lashes to prevent smudging.