The Best Gluten-free Pastas, According to a Dietitian

Brown Rice Pasta: This gluten-free option is rich in fiber and nutrients, making it a dietitian favorite for its balanced nutritional profile. 

Quinoa Pasta: Packed with protein and essential amino acids, quinoa pasta is an excellent gluten-free choice for a satisfying meal. 

Chickpea Pasta: High in plant-based protein and fiber, chickpea pasta is a delicious and gluten-free alternative that keeps you full 

Lentil Pasta: With a low glycemic index and a good source of iron, lentil pasta offers gluten-free versatility and health benefits. 

Buckwheat Soba Noodles: Nutty and wholesome, buckwheat soba noodles are a gluten-free delight that's perfect for Asian-inspired dishes. 

Corn Pasta: Made from corn flour, this gluten-free pasta option is mild in flavor and suitable for those with various dietary preferences. 

Millet Pasta: Millet pasta is gluten-free and naturally gluten-free, making it a versatile choice for those with dietary restrictions.