The best colors to complement grey hair


Elegant Ebonies: Deep blacks and charcoal grays add sophistication to silver locks, creating a timeless contrast. 

. Radiant Reds: Shades of red, like auburn or copper, infuse warmth into gray hair, lending a fiery charm. 

Subtle Pastels: Soft pastel hues, such as lavender or powder blue, offer a delicate, age-appropriate vibrancy. 

Earthy Neutrals: Warm neutrals like camel and taupe harmonize with gray hair, creating a natural, balanced look. 

Regal Purples: Rich purples like plum or eggplant exude regal allure against gray hair, making a bold statement. 

Navy Blues: Deep navy blues complement gray locks, conveying a sense of depth and confidence. 

Silver Chic: Embrace the silver trend with silver-toned outfits, embracing your natural beauty.