Protecting Feathered Friends: Is it Legal to Have a Pet Crow


Check Local Laws: Before adopting a crow, research your local laws and regulations on owning wild birds. Regulations can vary widely from place to place. 

Migratory Bird Act: In the United States, crows are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, making it illegal to possess them without a federal permit. 

Rescue and Rehab: If you find an injured or orphaned crow, contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for proper care and advice. 

Exotic Pet Laws: Some states may classify crows as exotic pets, requiring special permits or bans on ownership. 

Ethical Considerations: Ensure you can meet the ethical demands of crow ownership, including proper care, socialization, and space. 

Conservation Impact: Consider the impact on crow populations when taking one from the wild. It may disrupt the local ecosystem. 

Zoonotic Diseases: Crows can carry diseases, so be aware of potential health risks for both you and the bird.