Layoffs 2023: Who is at risk in IT sector and who is safe


Tech Startups: Vulnerable Amid Uncertain Funding Climate – Tech startups with shaky financials might face layoffs due to funding challenges.

Non-Core Departments: Risk for Support and Administrative Role – Non-essential roles in HR, admin, and customer support may be trimmed.

Legacy Technology Specialists: Niche Skills vs. Wider Demand – Experts in outdated technologies could be at risk as companies shift to modern tech stacks.

 Cybersecurity Experts: In Demand Amid Rising ThreatIT professionals specializing in cybersecurity remain in high demand.

Remote Work Advocates: A Mix of Opportunities and Uncertainty – Roles that promote remote work might thrive, but traditional office roles may decline.

Hybrid Work Enthusiasts: Adaptability is Key – Those adaptable to both remote and in-office work environments may fare better.

Upskilling and Reskilling: Safeguard Against Layoff – Continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends can enhance job security.