Homemade Cannoli: Recipe and Frying Temps for a Delicious Dessert


The Perfect Cannoli ShellAchieve crispy perfection by frying at 350°F to create the ideal crunchy texture for your cannoli shell. 

Delightful Ricotta FillingA smooth, creamy ricotta filling is key – make it 24 hours ahead for the best flavor. 

Use Fresh Citrus ZestIncorporate lemon and orange zest into the filling for a zesty, fresh twist. .

High-Quality Ricotta MattersOpt for whole milk, high-quality ricotta to ensure a rich, creamy consistency 

Cinnamon and Chocolate ChipsAdd a pinch of cinnamon and mini chocolate chips for extra flavor and texture. 

Piping for PrecisionUse a pastry bag to neatly fill the cannoli shells, ensuring a uniform look. 2. 

Dust with Powdered SugarGive your cannoli the final touch by dusting them with a generous amount of powdered sugar.