How to Make Caramel Candy: A Temperature Guide


The Fundamentals: Start with a clean, dry saucepan and the right ingredients. – Choose high-quality sugar, butter, and cream for the best results.

Gradual Heat: Begin on low heat to avoid grainy caramel. – Slowly melting the sugar ensures a smooth, consistent texture.

Stir Sparingly: Limit stirring to prevent crystallization. – Use a wet pastry brush to dissolve any sugar crystals on the pan's sides.

Soft-Ball Stage (234-240°F): First crucial checkpoint. – Achieve a soft, pliable consistency that's perfect for caramel sauces.

Firm-Ball Stage (244-248°F): Ideal for soft caramel candies. – At this temperature, the caramel can be shaped into chewy treats.

Hard-Ball Stage (250-266°F): Suitable for firmer caramels or caramel apples. – The caramel will become more rigid and hold its shape.

Soft-Crack Stage (270-290°F): For caramel threads or pulled candies. – Create delicate, sugar-spun decorations or taffy-like sweets.