How to Do a Side Lateral Raise

Maintain Proper Posture: Stand tall with a slight bend in your knees and engage your core to prevent arching your back during the exercise. 

Grip the Dumbbells Firmly: Hold the weights with a neutral grip, keeping your wrists straight to reduce strain. 

Controlled Movement: Lift the weights smoothly, avoiding jerky motions, and exhale as you raise them to shoulder level 

Mindful Elbow Position: Keep your elbows slightly bent but not locked, ensuring the emphasis stays on your deltoids 

Avoid Swinging: Prevent momentum from taking over by using a controlled, deliberate movement pattern. 

Focus on the Squeeze: At the top of the lift, pause and squeeze your shoulder muscles for maximum activation. 

Use Appropriate Weights: Start with lighter weights to master the form before gradually increasing the load. 

Full Range of Motion: Lower the weights back down slowly and feel the stretch in your deltoids for a complete workout