How to Bench Press Safely (7 Mistakes to Avoid)


Maintain Proper Form: To bench press safely, keep your back flat on the bench, feet planted firmly, and a slight arch in your lower back for stability. 

Use the Right Grip Width: Avoid a too-wide or too-narrow grip; opt for a grip where your forearms are vertical at the bottom of the movement. 

Control the Weight: Don't rush. Lower the barbell slowly and press it up steadily to prevent momentum-driven injuries. 

Warm-Up Adequately: Prioritize a thorough warm-up with lighter weights to prepare your muscles and joints. 

Avoid Overarching: Excessive arching can strain your lower back; maintain a natural arch without exaggeration. 

Ask for a Spotter: Having a spotter ensures safety in case you struggle with the weight. 

Don't Neglect Breathing: Exhale as you push the bar up and inhale during the descent to stabilize your core.