Halloween Decor Ideas That Aren’t Tacky

Chic Pumpkin Displays: Elevate your décor with metallic or matte black pumpkins, avoiding the usual orange for a sophisticated touch 

Moody Candlelit Ambiance: Opt for elegant candelabras or sleek candle holders to create a spooky yet refined atmosphere. 

Vintage-Inspired Ornaments: Decorate with antique-style lanterns, clocks, and mirrors for an eerie, old-world charm 

Artistic Silhouettes: Use elegant black paper cutouts of spooky shapes like bats, cats, and haunted houses for an artsy look. 

Glamorous Gothic Accents: Incorporate lace, velvet, and deep burgundy hues to give your décor a touch of gothic glamour. 

Mystical Crystal Ball Décor: Crystal balls with eerie lighting make for intriguing and tasteful mystical accents. 

Haunted Bookshelves: Arrange vintage books, potion bottles, and witchy curiosities for a subtly eerie library display. 

Monochromatic Magic: Stick to a single color palette like black and white to maintain a minimalist yet spooky vibe