Everything you need to know about the cost of owning chickens

Initial Setup Expenses: When you start with chickens, consider costs like a coop, feeders, waterers, and bedding material. 

Chick Purchases: Buying chicks is economical, but expect to spend on heat lamps, brooders, and chick feed. 

Feeding Costs: Chickens eat daily, and their diet includes layer pellets, grains, and occasional treats 

Healthcare Expenses: Vaccinations, medications, and occasional vet visits are essential for maintaining chicken health 

Coop Maintenance: Regular cleaning, repairs, and predator-proofing may be needed for your chicken coop. 

Egg Production: Factoring in egg production helps offset some expenses. 

Bedding and Litter: Keeping the coop clean requires bedding material, which adds to costs 

Budgeting: Regularly review and adjust your budget as your flock grows.