What Is the Carnivore Diet?

Meat-Only Menu: The carnivore diet, often called the all-meat diet, revolves around consuming only animal products, excluding plant-based foods. 

Simplicity is Key: This diet emphasizes simplicity, making meal planning and preparation easy, as you focus solely on animal foods. 

Elimination of Carbs: Followers eliminate carbs entirely, which can help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. 

Nutrient Density: Meat is rich in essential nutrients like protein, B vitamins, and iron, making it a nutrient-dense diet. 

Controversy Surrounding Fiber: Critics argue that the lack of fiber can impact gut health, while proponents claim it's unnecessary for digestion. 

Potential Benefits: Some people report improved mental clarity, weight loss, and reduced inflammation on the carnivore diet. 

Lack of Long-Term Research: The diet's long-term effects on health remain uncertain due to limited scientific studies.