8 Things You Didn’t Know About Farm Animals

Cows Have Best Friends: It's true! Cows form strong bonds with other cows, and they often have a best friend within the herd. 

Chickens Can Recognize Faces: Chickens can actually remember and recognize up to 100 different faces, including those of humans and other chickens 

Pigs Are Highly Intelligent: Pigs are known to be as intelligent as dogs and even some primates, making them quick learners and problem solvers. 

Sheep Have Excellent Memories: Sheep can remember faces and solve complex problems, proving that they're not as forgetful as the saying suggests 

Goats Are Picky Eaters: Goats are surprisingly picky eaters, and they have a preference for different types of vegetation and even the texture of their food. 

Ducks Have Quirky Sleeping Habits: Ducks often sleep with one eye open, allowing them to remain vigilant for potential predators even while resting. 

Turkeys Can Recognize Their Names: Turkeys can learn and respond to their names when properly trained, showing a surprising level of cognitive ability. 

 Horses Communicate Through Body Language: Horses are masters of non-verbal communication, using their ears, eyes, and posture to convey their feelings and intentions to other horses and humans alike.