7 Ways to Improve Your Deadlift Technique, According to a Trainer


Perfect Your Setup: Ensure your feet are hip-width apart, grip the bar just outside your knees, engage your core, and maintain a neutral spine for a solid foundation. 

Master the Hip Hinge: Hinge at your hips to initiate the lift, pushing your hips back while keeping your chest up and maintaining a straight back. 

Maintain Proper Alignment: Your shoulders should be directly over the bar, and your arms should hang vertically, reducing stress on your lower back. 

Breathe Correctly: Take a deep breath and brace your core before lifting, exhaling at the top of the lift to maintain stability and power. 

Control the Descent: Lower the barbell under control, keeping it close to your body to prevent strain on your lower back. 

Optimize Foot Placement: Experiment with foot position to find the most comfortable and efficient stance for your body type. 

Gradually Increase Weight: Progressively overload your deadlifts to build strength, but always prioritize proper form over heavy weights.