7 sustainable fashion and beauty shopping platforms for the conscious consumer


Etsy – Etsy offers a vast array of handmade, eco-friendly fashion and beauty products. – Supports local artisans and promotes sustainable practices.

Patagonia – Patagonia is a pioneer in sustainable outdoor wear. – Known for using recycled materials and fair labor practices.

ThredUp – ThredUp is the world's largest online thrift store. – It extends the lifespan of clothing and reduces fashion waste.

Credo Beauty – Credo Beauty offers clean and eco-conscious beauty products. – Prioritizes non-toxic ingredients and cruelty-free testing.

Reformation – Reformation focuses on sustainable, stylish clothing. – Transparent about their environmental impact and sourcing.

The Detox Market – The Detox Market curates clean beauty products. – Promotes non-harmful ingredients and ethical brands.

Rothy' – Rothy's creates stylish, sustainable footwear. – Utilizes recycled materials, especially plastic bottles, for their products.