7 Surprising Foods High In Nicotine


Potatoes: These starchy staples contain nicotine in trace amounts, thanks to their close botanical relationship with tobacco plants. 

Tomatoes: Surprisingly, tomatoes contain nicotine due to shared genetic ancestry with tobacco plants, although levels are quite low. 

Eggplants: Nicotine is present in small quantities in eggplants, making them an unexpected source of this compound. 

Green Bell Peppers: These peppers belong to the same family as tobacco and can contain nicotine, albeit in minimal amounts. 

Tea: Some varieties of tea, particularly green tea, can have low levels of nicotine due to their plant origins. 

Cauliflower: This cruciferous vegetable contains a small amount of nicotine, likely due to its genetic ties with tobacco. 

Paprika: Spice up your dishes with caution, as paprika can contain trace amounts of nicotine.