7  Indian Desserts That Have More Proteins Than Egg


Paneer Kheer: Creamy and rich, this dessert is a protein powerhouse with cottage cheese as its star ingredient, offering more protein than eggs. 

Besan Ladoo: Chickpea flour and nuts create a delectable treat that's not only sweet but also boasts more protein than eggs. 

Moong Dal Halwa: A traditional favorite, this dessert made from split green gram dal packs a protein punch that rivals eggs. 

Chana Chaat: A savory-sweet street food dessert with chickpeas that surprisingly surpasses the protein content of eggs. 

Sattu Ladoo: These delightful balls are a protein-rich snack made from roasted gram flour, eclipsing eggs in the protein department. 

Nariyal Ki Barfi: This coconut-based dessert isn't just delicious; it also offers more protein than eggs, making it a nutritious choice. 

Amaranth Laddu: These laddus made from amaranth seeds are a gluten-free protein-packed dessert that outshines eggs in terms of nutrition.