7 Iconic Cricket Movies To Watch This ICC ODI World Cup Season


Lagaan (2001): This Bollywood masterpiece combines cricket and patriotism in a thrilling saga set during India's struggle for independence. 

Fire in Babylon (2010): Discover the fiery spirit of West Indies cricket as they dominate the sport in the 1970s. 

Iqbal (2005): Follow the inspiring journey of a deaf and mute boy who dreams of playing for the Indian cricket team. 

Cricket, Lovely Cricket (1963): Relive the historic 1963 West Indies tour of England, a turning point in cricketing history. 

Wondrous Oblivion (2003): Explore the bonds formed through cricket in a heartwarming story set in 1960s England. 

22 Yards (2019): Delve into the harsh realities of professional cricket and the struggles faced by aspiring players. 

Hit for Six (2007): Witness the transformation of a troubled teenager into a cricket prodigy in this touching Caribbean tale.