7 Best Sugar Alternatives of 2023, According to a Dietitian

Stevia: A Natural Sweetener with Zero Calories Stevia is a top choice for those watching their sugar intake, as it's derived from a plant and doesn't impact blood sugar levels. 

Monk Fruit Sweetener: A Tasty, Low-Calorie Option Monk fruit sweetener offers a sweet taste with minimal calories, making it a favorite among health-conscious individuals. 

Erythritol: A Sugar Alcohol with a Low Glycemic Impact Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that doesn't raise blood sugar and is well-tolerated by most people, making it a versatile choice 

Xylitol: A Sugar Substitute for Dental Health Xylitol not only provides sweetness but can also promote dental health by reducing the risk of tooth decay. 

Allulose: A Rare Sugar with a Familiar Taste Allulose is a naturally occurring sugar with a taste and texture similar to traditional sugar but with fewer calories. 

Coconut Sugar: A Natural Sweetener with Nutrients Coconut sugar is derived from coconut sap and contains small amounts of nutrients like potassium and iron. 

Maple Syrup: A Flavorful Alternative with Antioxidants Pure maple syrup, when consumed in moderation, offers antioxidants and a distinctive flavor that elevates your dishes.