7 Best Protein Bars of 2023, According to a Dietitian

Quest Nutrition Protein Bar: With 20g of protein and only 1g of sugar, this bar is a dietitian's favorite for satisfying cravings while staying on track.

KIND Protein Bars: These bars blend taste and nutrition, offering 12g of protein and whole ingredients like nuts and seeds.

RXBAR: With a short ingredient list and 12g of protein, RXBARs are perfect for those who prefer simplicity in their snacks.

Built Bar: Known for its delicious taste and 17g of protein, this bar comes in a variety of flavors to please every palate.

ONE Protein Bars: Offering 20g of protein and a wide array of flavors, ONE Bars are a top choice for fitness enthusiasts

Orgain Organic Protein Bar: For those seeking a plant-based option, these bars deliver 10g of protein without any artificial ingredients.

Clif Builder's Protein Bar: A classic choice, these bars offer 20g of protein and a combination of nutrients for muscle recovery.