7 Best Ab Exercises You Can Do for a Stronger Core


Plank: Hold your body in a straight line, engaging your core for a solid, all-around ab workout. Aim for at least 30 seconds to start and increase gradually.

Crunches: This classic move targets your upper abs. Keep your back flat and exhale as you lift your shoulders off the ground.

Leg Raises: Strengthen your lower abs by lying on your back and lifting your legs while keeping them straight. Lower them down slowly to maximize the effect.

Russian Twists: Sit on the ground and twist your torso from side to side, holding a weight or a water bottle for added resistance.

Bicycle Crunches: Engage your obliques by lying on your back and cycling your legs while bringing your opposite elbow to your knee.

Hanging Leg Raise: Using a pull-up bar, raise your legs in a controlled manner, targeting both your lower abs and hip flexors.

Mountain Climbers: Incorporate cardio and core work by bringing your knees to your chest alternately in a plank position. Aim for a high tempo.